Acrylic Plastic Juice Dispenser with Tap 10Ltrs

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For an effortless way to serve guests drinks, the On Ice Plastic Drinks Dispenser offers simplicity and practicality at its best. With an ultra clear, shatterproof construction, this BPA-free plastic dispenser is an essential item for parties, buffets and catered events. With its 3 tiers you can add three different types of cocktails or juice as you prefer. Don’t waste valuable party time serving drinks, when you can depend on a handy beverage dispenser to provide reliable drinks service for you. With a removable ice core, you can decide on the perfect temperature for your cocktails or juice. A screw top allows for quick ice core replenishment, and an easy to remove lid makes refilling drinks quick. This versatile dispenser offers a stylish white spigot and includes an easy pull dispensing action, making your drinks service as easy and carefree as possible.


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